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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Algebraic geometry.
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  • Abelian surface [r]: A 2-dimensional Abelian variety. [e]
  • Abelian variety [r]: A complete non-singular projective variety which is also an algebraic group, necessarily abelian; a complex torus. [e]
  • Abstract algebra [r]: Branch of mathematics that studies structures such as groups, rings, and fields. [e]
  • Adjunction formula [r]: Formula of algebraic geometry and complex manifold theory relates, for a hypersurface, its normal bundle, its canonical bundle, and the canonical bundle of the ambient variety or manifold. [e]
  • Algebra [r]: A branch of mathematics concerning the study of structure, relation and quantity. [e]
  • Basis (mathematics) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Canonical sheaf [r]: In algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and differential topology, the top wedge product of the cotangent sheaf. [e]
  • Commutative algebra [r]: Branch of mathematics studying commutative rings and related structures. [e]
  • Ernst Eduard Kummer [r]: (29 January 1810 - 14 May 1893) German mathematician who codified some of the relations between different hypergeometric series, proved Fermat's last theorem for a considerable class of prime exponents, and found the Kummer surface. [e]
  • Generic point [r]: A point of a topological space which is not contained in any proper closed subset; a point satisfying no special properties. [e]
  • Genus-degree formula [r]: Formula which relates the degree d of a non-singular plane curve with its arithmetic genus g. [e]
  • Hyperelliptic curve [r]: An algebraic curve given by an equation of the form y2 = f(x). [e]
  • Isogeny [r]: Morphism of varieties between two abelian varieties (e.g. elliptic curves) that is surjective and has a finite kernel. [e]
  • K3 surface [r]: Complex or algebraic smooth minimal complete surface that is regular and has trivial canonical bundle. [e]
  • Kummer surface [r]: An irreducible algebraic surface of degree 4 in P3 with the maximal possible number of 16 double points. [e]
  • Mathematics [r]: The study of quantities, structures, their relations, and changes thereof. [e]
  • Polynomial equation [r]: An equation in which a polynomial in one or more variables is set equal to zero. [e]
  • Riemann-Hurwitz formula [r]: Formula which describes the relationship of the Euler characteristics of two surfaces when one is a ramified covering of the other. [e]
  • Riemann-Roch theorem [r]: Theorem that relates the complex analysis of a connected compact Riemann surface with the surface's purely topological genus g, in a way that can be carried over into purely algebraic settings. [e]
  • Scheme (mathematics) [r]: Topological space together with commutative rings for all its open sets, which arises from 'glueing together' spectra (spaces of prime ideals) of commutative rings. [e]
  • Étale morphism [r]: An algebraic analogue of the notion of a local isomorphism in the complex analytic topology. [e]