Triangulum Australe

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Triangulum Australe is a constellation in the southern sky which was introduced by Johann Bayer in 1603. It is surrounded by Norma, Centaurus, Circinus, Apus and Ara. It is not visible north of the tropics.

Triangulum Australe
Latin name Triangulum Australe
Latin genitive Trianguli Australis
International abbreviation TrA
Number of stars 46
Symbology Southern Triangle

Remarkable objects

  • α Trianguli Australis, 1.9, Atria
  • β Trianguli Australis, 2.8, white
  • γ Trianguli Australis, 2.9, blue white

History and mythology

This constellation was first mentioned in 1503 by the Italian sailor Amerigo Vespucci, but it did not appear in any stellar atlas for a hundred years.[1]


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