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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.

In English, as a figure of speech, people may say, "That's just semantics", which is usually a shorthand way of saying “That's not so important. Now we're just arguing about the meaning of words.”

  • Developing Article Semantics (linguistics): The subfield of the study of language which focuses on meaning. [e]
  • Developing Article Semantic primes: Words universal to all Earth's natural languages, their meaning ordinarily learned during development solely through the way contemporaries use them, serving as a basic set of words by which lexicographers could, in principle, define without circularity all the other words in a given language's lexicon. [e]
  • Stub Semantic Web: Tim Berners-Lee's concept of a "web of knowledge", whereby web-based document contents would be annotated and classified so that computers can parse the classifications and provide search results based on the semantic information (what the content means), rather than simply on matching of text strings. [e]
  • Stub Lexical semantics: Subfield of linguistic semantics, which studies how and what the words of a language denote. [e]
  • Developing Article Musical semantics: The study of how music conveys meaning. [e]