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I joined this wiki in 2007 and was around intermittently for many years. When Citizendium teetered in mid 2020, I returned after a long hiatus and took ownership of the domain to help the project continue, in honor of the past great efforts by Larry, Anthony, Milt, Norman, Ro and others, and the continuing efforts of John S. and the current technical staff. The sense of community possible here is especially valuable during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

My interests in this wiki are as often personal as professional, and wide ranging. On the academic side:

  • M. A. in public sector management (Fels Center, Univ. of Penn., 1992)
  • M. S. in computer science (Univ. of Tenn., 1983)
  • academic work towards an M. A. (never quite completed) in Germanic linguistics and literature, 1975-1976, Univ. of Tenn.
  • B. A. in liberal arts (Univ. of Tenn., 1974); my major was English, with a minor in German

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