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Picture of an outdoor court scene with a ship inthe background.
In the picture, Aeneas arrives at the court of King Latinus. The painting was from 1661 to 1663 and is very European in orientation; most likely, ships such as the one pictured in the background (left) with cross masts and flags, were too sophisticated for ships during the times following the Trojan War. The Greek trireme wasn't developed until perhaps the fifth century BCE. The story of the Aeneid occurred before 1100 BCE or earlier.

King Latinus was a character in the Aeneid by Virgil. Latinus had a daughter named Lavinia who was initially pledged to marry the rival of Trojan hero Aeneas. The rival was named Turnus, a hot-headed brash but excellent warrior who struggles with Aeneas in a personal battle for the right to marry Lavinia. King Latinus believed an earlier prophecy suggesting that Lavinia should marry a stranger who Latinus believed to be Aeneas.

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