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Start it—two ways

For Eduzendium articles, there are separate instructions for setting them up in a course-specific format.

1. The easy way

Type the title of your new article in the box to the right, click on the bar below it, and you've begun! You can use the search box (menu panel, left, this page, top) to check for related articles that already exist. See Topic Choice and Naming Conventions if you need to.

2. The complete way, with subpages

Do you want to start an article with subpages?

Click here to start.    (formerly this was a button)
(currently not working)
but you can do it anyway, with patience; read creating an article with subpages

Write it

What should you write?

An accurate, interesting and readable encyclopedia article on just about any topic.

Learn more here.

Learn the code

If you've never edited a wiki page before, read a little about the wiki code - it's not hard.

Learn more here.

Learn our standards

We're writing coherent narratives, not grab-bags of facts.

Learn more here.

Get some tips

A few things every Citizen should know.

Learn more here.

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