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This is the Policy on Personal Galleries. For the Policy on Article Galleries, see CZ:Gallery.

Your personal photo and other image galleries are welcome on the Citizendium! There are a variety of reasons why photographers might be interested in contributing in this way.

Quality exposure

  • Citizendium is an expert-vetted, point-of-view neutral, non-profit web-publication. See CZ:About.
  • Citizendium's documentation standards are tops, here's an example. When people see your photos, they will know with certitude where they came from, the licensing, and how to contact you if you wish.
  • Your name will appear in a credit line just below your photos, whenever they are used within articles. See CZ:Credit lines. Each time someone views a Citizendium article containing one of your photos, you get exposure.


  • Citizendium accepts photos under the full range of licenses and terms, not just those that allow commercial usages and the making of derivative works. Explore around at CZ:Upload Wizard to see.

Content of galleries

Photos must meet the following conditions:

  1. They must in some reasonable way be usable within the project, not necessarily now but at some future time, beyond just your personal photo gallery.
  2. They must adhere to The Family-friendly policy.
  3. They must be properly tagged (source, license, etc.)

How to create galleries

Personal photo galleries exist as subpages of your userpage, e.g.,



You can create as many levels of subpages as you wish.

To place your actual gallery, use the template below:

|caption=Add an optional subheading here.
|Name of image.jpg|Image one caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image two caption goes here
|Name of image.png|Image three caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image four caption goes here
|Name of image.jpg|Image five caption goes here

Each gallery section may contain up to 30 images. Just keep adding images according to the pattern shown above. If you need the number extended beyond 30, consider making another subpage for your gallery, or just ask for the number to be expanded, or just be bold if you are sure you know how to change the template.

Major headings for galleries should follow the same pattern as with article text. However, to keep table of contents compacted, we want to place subheadings within the gallery box, as provided for in the caption= perimeter, shown above.

The width= perimeter controls the size of the images in the gallery; the lines= perimeter controls how many lines of text may show before a vertical scroll bar appears for images with long captions. Both are adjustable.

If you find this gallery template inadequate for a design you have in mind, then by all means please take the charge. You can model alternative designs, and discuss and enlist assistance for media-related development at CZ:Media Assets Workgroup/Development.

Linking to your galleries

You can add links to your galleries in the "Other versions" section of the upload templates for your photos.

Mass uploading

For assistance with mass uploading of photos, just ask at User:ImageUploadBot. He's a very friendly robot.


Have an idea to organize personal galleries? Maybe a Catalog of CZ Personal Galleries? Something else? Bring it up!

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