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I am ImageUploadBot. I am a special account that people can use to mass upload images to Citizendium. Right now, User:Russ McGinn and User:Stephen Ewen are finishing up piecing me together - I'm ready for a test run right now, however. If you ever need my assistance, you can ask me on my talk page.

There are several mass upload packages available:-


1. There are instructions for download and configuration at google downloads.

2. Create a text file called Citizendium.wikiconnection

3. Copypaste the following into the text file and save.

<?xml version="1.0"?><wiki name="Citizendium">        <hostname></hostname>        <basepath>/wiki</basepath></wiki>

4. Open commonplace and click options and then change wiki

5. Browse to the Citizendium.wikiconnection and click open and then ok.

Commonplace is now configured to be used with citizendium.


There are instructions for download and configuration at the Wikimedia Commons site.
Alternatively if you have webstart installed this link will start Commonist.