C.D. Scully (fireboat)

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The C.D. Scully was a fireboat constructed for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[1] The vessel was owned by Pittsburgh from its completion, in 1956, until its sale to Tampa, Florida, in 1973.[2] She had been out of service for some time, when she was sold. She cost $91,500, in 1956, and was sold for $50,000.

In March 1951 an editorial in Fire Engineering described a serious fire on Pittsburgh's waterfront, in December 1950, that the City couldn't properly fight, because they then had no fireboat.[3] The editor argued that too much of the extensive expenditures in civil defense were being concentrated too much on bomb shelters, with insufficient funding for fire-fighting equipment.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Fire Chief Thomas Kennelly, who said the city did not need a fireboat.[2] "We don't have any wharves or piers and any fire we have can be handled by our land fire fighting force."

She was 62 ft (18.9 m) long.[2][4]

In 2015 and 2016 Pittsburgh experienced fires that put a focus on its need to acquire a new fireboat, and in December 2016 a new boat was ordered.[5]


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