Yangtze River

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Yangtze River, China.

The Yangtze River [1] (usually called Cháng Jiāng 长江, "long river," in Chinese) is a large river in central China. It is one of the largest rivers in the world, both by volume of flow and overall length.

The city of Shanghai is on the river's mouth. The river's headwaters are in the Himalaya Mountains.

The lower reaches of the river are deep enough for ocean-going vessels. Considerable river traffic proceeds in the river's upper reaches and tributaries in shallower vessels.

The locks on the main river, such as those on the Three Gorges Dam, are designed to carry vessels of up to 10,000 tons and up to 5 metres in draft.


  1. "Yangtze" is the old Postal Map Romanization of the name; pinyin: Yángzi.