Wherryman's Way

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The Wherryman's Way is a long-distance footpath leading from Norwich, in Norfolk, England, to Great Yarmouth, following as far as possible the valley of the River Yare. It is named after the trading wherries which once used the river between Norwich and Yarmouth. The Way is about 35 miles long (56 km).

The path starts at Norwich railway station, and leaves the city via Whitlingham Broad to reach the riverside villages of Bramerton and Surlingham. From Surlingham it leads away from the River Yare to the village of Rockland St Mary, then making its way back to the river by the edge of Rockland Broad. After a section by the Yare, minor roads then lead to Langley Staithe, from where the river is followed once more to Hardley Staithe and on to Hardley Cross. At this point the Way follows the bank of the River Chet, past Hardley Flood and into the small town of Loddon.

From Loddon the Way, always waymarked, follows paths and minor roads to Reedham Ferry, where the river is crossed. The route then follows the opposite bank of the River Yare, past Polkey's Drainage Mill and the Berney Arms Drainage Mill to reach the edge of Breydon Water. The final section of the Way is along the banks of Breydon Water and into Great Yarmouth, the route officially ending at the railway station.