We're Gonna Groove

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'We're Gonna Groove' is a song written by singer-songwriter Ben E. King and his lyrical partner James Bethea. It was originally released as the single 'Groovin', in 1960. The song was subsequently made famous by English rock group Led Zeppelin, as the opening number during their 1970 UK and European tours.[1]

The song was originally recorded at Morgan Studios, London on 25 June 1969, just after a brief British tour which included a number of BBC appearances, and shows at Royal Albert Hall and the 1969 Bath Festival (the 9 January 1970 performance at the Royal Albert Hall can be viewed on the DVD Led Zeppelin). It was scheduled to appear on Led Zeppelin II, but with the same fate which befell 'Since I've Been Loving You', 'We're Gonna Groove' didn't make the final selection for the second Led Zeppelin album. It belatedly appeared, in a remastered version Jimmy Page produced at his Sol Studios, for the 1982 album Coda, after the group had disbanded following the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980.[2]


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