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Agriculture, history   Approved article-not movable by me.
Alabama, history
American election campaigns, 19th century
Australia, history
Belgium, history
California, history since 1846
California, history to 1845
Canada, history

Democratic Party (United States), history

Florida, history

Frontier, American
Human flight, history (1919-1938)
Ireland, prehistory
Ireland, protohistory
Labor Unions, U.S., History

Obama, Fukui
Pennsylvania, history
Pittsburgh, History since 1800
Pittsburgh, History to 1800
Poland, history
Republicanism, U.S.
Scotland, history
Slavery, U.S.
Social History, U.S.

U.S. Religion, History
Democratic Party (United States), history

Republican Party (United States), history
Virginia, history
War Department, U.S.
War of 1812, Causes

Agriculture, history, U.S. Became History of Agriculture in the U.S.
Britain, History Became History of the United Kingdom
Conscription, U.S.Became Conscription in the U.S.
Food, history Became History of food
Ireland, history Became History of Ireland
Joan of Arc, trial
Court decisions – social policy, U.S.
Papacy, history, Papacy, History Became Papacy Railways, Canada Became History of railways in Canada
Quebec, history Became History of Quebec

Disambiguated pages:
Culture (social)
Hiroshima (city)
History of Medicine (U.S.)
John Paul Jones (naval officer)
Ned Kelly (outlaw)
Kyoto (city)
Nagasaki (city)
Nativism (politics)
Osaka (city)
Paleoanthropology in Africa (history)
Pierce Butler (Founding Father)
Social legislation (U.S.)
St. Regis Hotel (Calgary)
Treaty of Union (1707)
Warship (sail)