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I am Patrick Niedzielski, a student in Massachusetts, USA. My interests include software, especially Free/Open Source Software (I am the founder and a developer of the Humm and Strumm video game project), linguistics and conlangs, and music theory and 20th century musical styles. It is here that I will expect to do most of my work.

My reason for coming here to Citizendium is because I think Wiki-based encyclopaedias should be run democratically while maintaining a view on the greater good. On similar sites, like Wikipedia, efforts to help often end up being squashed (rightfully or wrongfully) by editors, and many good articles are deleted because one or two people deem them as non-notable. On Citizendium, I hope to be able to contribute my knowledge fully and to the best of my ability, regardless of whether the topic would appear in a normal print encyclopaedia.