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Hi! I am Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs, a 48 (almost 49)-y.o. Mexican (born in Mexico City) psychologist (B.Sc. in psychology, obtained at the School of Psychology, National Autonomous University of Mexico) and certified (by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City) English-Spanish-English translator (studied English-Spanish translation at El Colegio de México, oriented mainly to fiction but also with training in technical and scientific texts). I would like to edit (work on) Citizendium articles about psychology (neurosciences, sleep research, insomnia, psycholinguistics, etc.), health and life sciences (I marked "health sciences" above but also would like to work on articles about biology, species, animals, etc.) and translation (linguistics, languages, new software and trends in translation, etc.). I love biographies and would like to edit pages about scientists. I see there is, on the list of articles about linguistics, no article about translation in general: I would like to write about either translation in general or else about specific language pairs in translation, specifically on scientific translation. I am currently working as a volunteer (vicepresident) for Wikimedia Mexico, the civil association representing Wikipedians in Mexico. I am also studying German language (I studied, many years ago, English and French and started but not finished German courses). I am also a member of freemasonry. All of these activities are related to one big interest: the diffusion of knowledge. I am also (since 2012) a member of a chorus, where I am learning to sing. Thanks a lot, in advance!