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I'm David Goodman (member of the Citizendium Editorial Council)

  • user name: DavidGoodman; email:; WP name: DGG
    • currently working in CZ on: open access, journals, and related topics

(I apologize for my recent absence, but I'm back, & just now starting to edit again on a limited basis)

CV (abridged)

  • B.S. Brooklyn College, (math)
  • Ph.D Berkeley, (Molecular biology--Gunther Stent's lab)
  • Post-Doc, Berkeley, (Evolutionary biochemistry--Allen Wilson's lab)
  • Assistant Prof. of Biochemistry, Rutgers-Newark
  • MLS Rutgers
  • Chemistry Librarian, Princeton
  • Biology Librarian, Princeton
  • Biological Sciences Bibliographer & Research Librarian, Princeton
  • Assoc. Prof. of Library Science, Long isand Univ.
  • retired from both.

Interests in CZ:

  • fixing errors, especially in basic pages


  • Writing Library-related and publishing-related pages
  • Writing some of the general biology pages
  • Checking the biology for the parts I know enough
  • Possibly working on some of the sexuality-related pages
  • Reference sources for anything (writing or editing)
  • Getting the Public Domain articles in science sourced & upgraded
    • I expect to do more revising than original writing.

Working style:

  • I'll work with anyone who's willing to work with me
  • I like to consult on major changes, and to negotiate off-line

CZ possible minority positions:

  • Distrust of academic specialists who think too much of their credentials
  • Joint effort is usually better than the work of a single author.
  • Almost all math & science articles can & should be written so those without a degree in the subject can understand some of it--and the same for any seemingly esoteric subject.

WP identity: User:DGG ( - administrator

WP minority positions:

  • Using Public Domain sources without exact quotations is plagiarism.
  • Point of view forks are the clearest way of handling some topics.
  • Web sources, even blogs, can be used as Reliable sources for determining notability. The world has changed since WP started.

(Relatively) absolutist position in any context:

  • Freedom of speech.

Biases (not usually obvious here, I hope):

  • Marxist, Atheist, Jewish, Academic, Internationalist

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