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Hello. I am Benjamin Seghers, as you have probably already guessed. I am a university student whose majors are international business and economics (with a particular interest in earth science for some reason). My emphasis is in Latin America.

My interests are broad: They not only include macroeconomics and microeconomics, but also climatology, glaciology, hydrology and oceanography, astronomy, philosophy (mainly epistemology, logic, and metaphysics), Latin American history, and English syntax. I've studied these areas extensively and I hope to use my knowledge in all of them to help in contributing to this encyclopedia.


Altitude, Aquifer, Aquilude, Glacier, Latitude, Longitude, Mexican Revolution, Ocean acidification, Ocean circulation, pH, Valley glacier, War of the Triple Alliance
Working on
In addition to the above: Global warming, Groundwater
To start
Continental glacier, Glacier mass balance, many others