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  • A deterministic emergence of life would reflect an essential continuity between physics, chemistry, and biology.
It would show that
  • a part of the order we recognize as living is thermodynamic order inherent in the geosphere,
and that
  • some aspects of Darwinian selection are expressions of the likely simpler statistical mechanics of physical and chemical self-organization.

   –Harold Morowitz and Eric Smith [1]

When the whole and the parts are seen at once, as mutually producing and
explaining each other as unity in multeity, there results shapeliness, forma formosa.

        --Samuel Taylor Coleridge , 1817, Biographia Literaria, p.309 [2]

In its broadest sense a living unit or entity is one that can direct chemical changes by catalysis,
and at the same time reproduce itself by autocatalysis, that is, by directing the formation of units
like itself from other, and usually simpler chemical substances.
        --Jerome Alexander, Life: Its Nature and Origin, 1948, Chapter 5, page 79

Organisms do not maintain their complexity, and become more complex, in a vacuum.
Their high organization and low entropy is made up for by pollution, heat, and entropic
export to their surroundings.
        --Eric D. Schneider and Dorion Sagan


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