United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267 is a resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council in 1999, which listed individuals believed to be associated with terrorism.[1] Over one hundred individuals were listed who were believed to be senior members of the Taliban's leadership. The United Nations requested its member nations to freeze the financial assets of the individuals named in the resolution.

Occasionally the Security Council adds new names to the lists, or removes old names. Individuals names can be removed when they are believed to have died, or when they are believed to have defected. On July 16, 2011 the Security Council removed fourteen names from the list, including four men who Hamid Karzai had appointed to the Afghanistan High Peace Council: Arsalan Rahmani Daulat, Habibullah Fawzi, Sayeedur Rahman Haqani and Faqir Mohammad.[2]