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Name Capital Date of Union Population[1] Subdivisions History Economy
England London, United Kingdom United 927 50,431,700 9 Regions
46 counties
History of England Economy of England
Scotland Edinburgh Personal Union with England 1603
Act of Union 1707
5,094,800 32 council areas History of Scotland Economy of Scotland
Wales Cardiff
Statute of Rhuddlan 1284
Laws in Wales Acts 1542
2,958,600 9 counties
3 cities
10 county boroughs
History of Wales Economy of Wales
Northern Ireland Belfast Personal Union 1541
Act of Union 1801
1,724,400 6 Counties History of Northern Ireland Economy of Northern Ireland

Crown dependencies[2]

Name Capital Lt. Governor Population Coordinates Subdivisions History Economy
Bailiwick of Guernsey St Peter Port Sir Fabian Malbon Guernsey: 59,807 (2001 Census)[3]

Sark: c.600 [4]

Alderney: 2,400 (1996 census)[5]
49°28′N, 2°35′W 10 Parishes
plus 2 Crown Appenages of Sark and Alderney
History of Guernsey
History of Sark
History of Alderney
Economy of Guernsey
Jersey Saint Helier Lt. Gen. Andrew Ridgway 87,186 (2001 Census)[6] 49°15′N, 2°10′W 12 Parishes History of Jersey Economy of Jersey
Isle of Man Douglas Sir Paul Haddacks 80,058 (2006 Census)[7] 54°09′N, 4°29′W 6 sheadings History of the Isle of Man Economy of the Isle of Man

Overseas territories

Name Capital Land Area
(sq km)
Population Governor Coordinates
Anguilla The Valley 90 12,200 (2003 estimate) Governor: His Excellency Mr Andrew George
Chief Minister: The Honourable Osbourne Fleming
17°03′N, 61°48′W
Bermuda Hamilton 53.3 68,500 (2005) Governor: Sir John Vereker KCB Premier: The Honourable Dr Ewart Brown, JP, MP 32°20′N, 64°45′W
British Antarctic Territory N/A 1,709,400 No indigenous population Commissioner: Mr Tony Crombie
Administrator: Dr Michael Richardson
60d°S to 90°S 20°W to 80°W
British Indian Ocean Territory N/A 54,400 (mostly ocean) No permanent residents
(c.4000 military employees)
Commissioner: Mr Leigh Turner 6°00′S, 71°30′E; 7°20′S, 72°25′E
British Virgin Islands Road Town, Tortola 153 27,000 (estimate for 2005) Governor: David Pearey
Chief Minister: The Hon Dr Orlando Smith
18°30′N, 64°30′W
Cayman Islands George Town 260 52,466 (2005 estimate) Governor: His Excellency Stuart Jack, CVO
Leader of Government Business: The Honourable Kurt Tibbetts JP
19°30′N, 80°30′W
Falkland Islands Stanley 12,173 2,913 (2001 Census) Governor: His Excellency Alan Huckle 51°45′S, 59°00′W
Gibraltar Gibraltar 6.5 28,779 (Abstract of Statistics 2005) Governor: Lt Gen Sir Robert Fulton KBE
Chief Minister: Hon Peter Caruana QC
36°8′N, 5°21′W
Montserrat Plymouth 102 4,483 (estimate) Governor: Her Excellency Mrs Deborah Barnes Jones
Chief Minister: The Honourable Dr Lowell Lewis
16°45′N, 62°12′W
Pitcairn Islands Adamstown 4.5 47 Governor: His Excellency George Fergusson
Chief Minister: Jay Warren
25°04′S, 130°06′W
Saint Helena Jamestown Saint Helena: 122

Ascension Island: 90

Tristan da Cunha island group: 98
Saint Helena: 4000

Ascension Island: 1000

Tristan da Cunha island group: 275
Governor: Michael Clancy Saint Helena: 15°57′S, 5°42′W

Ascension Island: 7°57′S, 14°22′W

Tristan da Cunha island group: 37°15′S, 12°30′W
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands King Edward Point 3903 No resident polulation Commissioner: His Excellency Howard Pearce, CVO
Assistant Commissioner: Ms Harriet Hall
54°30′S, 37°00′W
Turks and Caicos Islands Grand Turk 430 32,000 (2006 census estimate) Governor: His Excellency Richard Tauwhare
Premier: The Honourable Dr Michael Eugene Misick LLB, MLC
21°45′N, 71°35′W


Sovereign base areas

There are two Sovereign Base Areas of the United Kingdom on the Island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. They are called Akrotiri and Dhekelia.


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