Tuyen Quang Province

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The Tuyen Quang Province of Vietnam is in the north-central part of the country, 165 km northwest of Hanoi. It was created by a 1996 split of the former Ha Tuyen Province, which split into Tuyen Quang and Bac Kan Provinces. The area is mountainous and heavily forested.

Ha Giang Province forms its northern, and Vinh Phuc Province its southern border. To its east is Cao Bang Province, on the China-Vietnam line. Also to the east are Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen Provinces. To the west are Yen Bai Province and Phu Tho Province.


The Tan Trao Historical Site was one of the "safe areas" used by the Viet Minh before the 1946 declaration of independence.


It is on National Highway 2.

Most of its economy comes from forestry, with some concerns about sustainability and effects on biodiversity. Paper production may be more efficient.[1]

There has been recent investment in a dairy industry by Australia’s Jonvest Co. Ltd.. [2]