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Trinity College Dublin is the sole constituent college of Dublin University and currently has between 15,000-16,000 students. Founded in 1592 by Elizabeth I, Trinity was originally located outside the city walls, at the site of the old All Hallows Monastery.[1] However, as Dublin has grown over the centuries it is now in the very heart of the city, just minutes away from the major commercial centres of Dublin, Grafton Street, O'Connell Street and Henry Street.

Academic Reputation

Trinity regularly excels in international ranking systems. It has consistently ranked as the best University in Ireland, and in one recent world university ranking it was ranked as the 53rd best University in the world.[2] It has a long standing reputation for consistent publications in high impact journals and is awarded more research funding than any other third level institution in the country. Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Ernest Walton, Jonathan Swift and several Presidents of Ireland have all been educated in Trinity.

The Library

The Library of Trinity College Dublin is the largest research library in Ireland. While purchasing and being donated books for over four hundred years, the Library has a two hundred year old legal deposit. This allows Trinity to legally claim a copy of any book published in Ireland or the UK. The Library has around 4.25 million volumes, 30,000 current serial titles as well as a large collection of manuscripts, the most famous being the Book of Kells.