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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Toy.
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  • Cargo cult [r]: A group of social movements that began in Melanesia in the late nineteenth century which believe that manufactured goods, including canned goods, airplanes, and automobiles, were created by spirits or ancestors of Melanesian people. [e]
  • Cat [r]: A feline, particularly the domesticated feline, Felis catus, a small carnivorous mammal. [e]
  • Christening [r]: Observances surrounding the welcoming of children into the Christian faith. [e]
  • Dollhouse [r]: Small model house used as a children's toy or to display miniature dolls and furniture. [e]
  • Folk saint [r]: A deceased person or spirit that is venerated as a saint but who has not been officially canonized by the Church. [e]
  • Game [r]: A structured or semi-structured contrived activity, primarily undertaken for enjoyment or, sometimes, practice. [e]
  • Maltese (dog) [r]: Breed of canine in the toy group, known for its silky white hair, descended from dogs originating in the central Mediterranean area. [e]
  • Marbles [r]: Small, polished glass balls, sometimes multi-colored; and a children's game using them. Also, a slang synonym for "good sense". [e]
  • Toy dog [r]: A dog from any of many small breeds; any small dog; also, a popular plush toy. [e]
  • Tux [r]: The name of the penguin, official logo and cartoon mascot for the Linux computer operating system. [e]