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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.

Literature and Art

  • Stub Thriller (genre): A fictional work combining action and elements of mystery and, possibly, romance. [e]



  • Developing Article Thriller (Michael Jackson album): A 1982 album by Michael Jackson, produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. [e]
  • Thriller (Eddie & the Hot Rods album): A 1977 rock album by Eddie & the Hot Rods.
  • Thriller (Killer album): A 1982 heavy metal album by Killer.
  • Thriller (Lambchop album): A 1997 alternative rock album by Lambchop.
  • Thriller (Pete Rugolo album): A 1960 jazz album by Pete Rugolo.
  • Thriller (Son album): A 1996 alternative rock album by Son.
  • Thriller!: A 1973 R&B album by Cold Blood.


  • 'Thriller' (Michael Jackson song): A 1982 song by Michael Jackson.
  • 'Thriller' (Private Lightning song): A 1980 rock song by Private Lightning.
  • 'Thriller' (Gil Ventura song): A 1976 jazz song by Gil Ventura.