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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about The Firm (band).

Official tours

  • Europe (29 November 1984 - 9 December 1984)
    • The band only played two UK concerts on this tour at Middlesbrough Town Hall, and the London Hammersmith Odeon. As well as Firm songs the band played solo material by Paul and Jimmy. This included Paul Rodgers gliding onto stage seated at a piano to sing "Live in Peace" from his earlier solo album. Jimmy played songs from the Death Wish II soundtrack, which featured his trademark playing of the guitar with a violin bow while beneath a laser pyramid.
  • United States (28 February 1985 - 11 May 1985)
  • United Kingdom (18 May 1985 - 22 May 1985)
  • United States (14 March 1986 - 28 May 1986)