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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Terrorism.
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  • Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security - A large collection of scholarly articles on terrorism and counter-terrorism.
  • Irish Republican Army account of "arguably the longest-operating terrorist organization in Western Europe"
  • BBC History - The Changing Faces of Terrorism
  • Terrorism Debacles in the Reagan Administration From US libertarian site (The Future of Freedom Foundation), discusses apparent hypocrisy in the anti-terrorism policies of the Reagan government. Extract: "On March 8, 1985, a massive car bomb detonated near the Beirut suburban home of a radical Muslim leader, killing 80 people — mostly women and children — and injuring 200. The bomb failed to kill the Muslim cleric. Supporters of the cleric strung a giant “MADE IN USA” banner across the blast site. A few weeks after the bombing, one U.S. government official bragged to the Washington Post that CIA and U.S. military training of anti-terrorist units in Lebanon had “been very successful.” National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane, in a speech entitled “Terrorism and the Future of Free Society,” announced, “We cannot and will not abstain from forcible action to prevent, preempt, or respond to terrorist acts where conditions merit the use of force.” "
  • Terrorism From the Museum of Broadcast Communication, an article on the difficulties of reporting terrorist actions in a balanced way.
  • Common Sense II Controversial essay outlining a strategy for citizens and free nations to prevent terrorism. The basic argument is that terrorism is not merely a government problem, but a citizens' problem and an expanded phenomenon best described as "violence against individual rights" with three parts -- crime (terrorism by a neighbor), tyranny (terrorism by our own government) and foreign terrorism (terrorism by powerful foreign individuals or heads of State.) The essay argues that it is necessary to prevent all three types of terrorism and demands a rethinking of how public life is structured; specifically, all movement by persons and things in public should be tracked, but that strong privacy fences surround this information. The common theme for preventing all types is exposure, identification, and awareness which is termed "light". Substantive reform of government is required.