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Template Description

Used as an element within {{Timeline}}. Please note: the stem units are in EMs. The width units can be in "em"s, pixels, or percentages.


|event= Describe your event.
|width= Width in em or percent, or pixels.  (Can be static or dynamic.  pick!)
|color= in "plain english", #FFF hex, or #123ABC hex.


This one time, in band camp... I used the color white


  • After you place the last event in the timeline, be sure to put |} at the end to close off the table.
  • The width should be specified as being either pixels (px), em or percent (%). Your preference should be to use fixed values to prevent problems with browser width scaling problems. 500 - 600 px seems to be a pretty good choice for the new skin.
  • Use <br/> after your table to push the wiki text down so it won't overlap.
  • The following tags can be used:
    • <big></big>
    • <small></small>
    • Wiki-style headings using "="s can be used, but they must be formatted like such: <h3></h3>, <h2></h2>, etc.
  • See Template:Timeline/Sample#Test_with_various_functions for a continuing test of what wiki functions may be (safely!) used with this template.