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 Definition The process of transforming values of temperature measured in one unit to values in another unit. [d] [e]
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Why section on comparison and conversions was re-instated

This comment was originally posted at the talk page of the now deleted Fahrenheit and Rankine temperatures article and kept here for archival purposes.

Daniel, I note that you revised this Fahrenheit and Rankine temperatures so as to move the section about conversions and comparisons to a catalog subpage of the Temperature article. I certainly agree that section makes a good subpage for the Temperature article. However, it was really some of the core content of the this Fahrenheit and Rankine temperatures article and I think it should also be included in this article. After all, there is no harm in having that content in both places, is there? Accordingly, I am going to reinstate a copy of that content in the this Fahrenheit and Rankine temperatures article. I hope that you have no objection to having it in both places.

Also, in a brief scan of the Temperature article, I saw no place where readers are told that information about conversions was available in the catalog subpage ... and many newcomers to CZ probably will not think to look at the catalog subpage. Perhaps, you should add a sentence somewhere in the Temperature article pointing to the conversions in the catalog subpage ... or perhaps it would even better to change the subpage from "Catalog" to "Temperature conversions". What do you think? Milton Beychok 22:14, 4 December 2009 (UTC)