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 Definition The world's largest library, which has a division that provides research for the U.S. Congress; although the United States has no official library, the Library of Congress has the role in practice, especially as a cataloging authority and containing the Copyright Office [d] [e]
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In truth, the Library of Congress can make an excellent argument to be included in every category at Citizendium. Library and Information Science is obvious, and, after working as the Library's network architect (1976-1980) as the Madison Building was being constructed, as well as having been a Library patron who managed the now impossible-to-get stack passes, I could not resist Computers.

When I was on the staff, I had 24-hour access, sometimes for odd computer tests in the wee hours, and, at one point or another, probably visited almost every part of the complex. Sometimes I was just lucky, as a chance mutual interest caused the Curator of the Rare Book Division to give me a tour of the innermost vaults -- where both medieval manuscripts and Playboy magazine are kept, each a different security problem.

I noticed that this article was one that had been requested, and would welcome suggestions of areas to elaborate upon. Of course, if anyone else knows the institution well, let's share notes. There are many scholarly tales, as well as the oddities known to the staff -- the Overseas Acquisition Division would get new shipments from their worldwide offices, and there was a tradition of including informal packages of local food. I became quite fond of chocolate covered ants, from Nigeria, IIRC. Howard C. Berkowitz 22:10, 23 May 2008 (CDT)

Interesting that LOC lists themselves as "the" research arm of Congress! Maybe there's a little professional jealousy there with other facilities. This is a better definition, now though! Thanks, Howard! David H. Barrett