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 Definition Society dedicated to the welfare of purebred dogs that sponsor trials and shows, and keep purebred registries. [d] [e]
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"Kennel Club" is the Kennel Club, a "kennel club" headquartered in London, England. It is incorrect to refer to just any kennel club as Kennel Club. Aleta Curry 02:26, 31 May 2007 (CDT)

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Update: This article is now at the correct title. The following material is to be integrated into dog show and/or conformation show and/or American Kennel Club.

Each large kennel club hosts dog shows in which points are given for how well an individual dog compares to the breed standard, as compared to others of its type displayed at the same show. The male and female dogs competing in the top kennel clubs must be un-neutered ("entire") animals and, although the gait and demeanor of the dog is evaluated as each walks around the show ring, the major emphasis is on body features. These contests are sometimes called conformational shows. Male and female dogs earning their championships and higher awards, such as grand-championships, in conformational dog shows have demonstrated that they possess the desired qualities of their breed. The reason that the contestants in the conformational shows must be unneutered is straightforward- the basic purpose of the show is to devise a method for the evaluation of dogs and bitches as prospective propagators of the breed. Purebred puppies who have champions and grand-champions in their pedigree generally command a higher price. Puppies in a litter that are considered "show-quality" are usually sold at a higher price and with papers that allow registration of the show puppy's future offspring. Not all breeders are involved in showing dogs, but all ethical breeders try to "better the breed" by producing puppies from parent dogs who are true to the breed's type and who do not possess severe faults.
Although kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club heavily stress physical features in conformational shows, many AKC breed standards specify a general temperament that also should be exhibited in the show ring. For example, in the case of the Labrador Retriever, a friendly temperament is so important that showing aggression to a person or another dog is listed as a major fault. Kennel Clubs exist in many countries throughout the world. In some countries, there are several clubs. The Breed standard for each Breed is given by each club, and though the standards are similar - they are not the same. For example, the Border Collie is defined one way by the Kennel Club in Britain [1], and in a slightly different way by the AKC in the United States [[2]]
Aleta Curry 02:37, 31 May 2007 (CDT)

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