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 Definition A selectively-bred dog group with dependably similar and predictable characteristics. [d] [e]
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bagel - beagle and bassot hound ? -audibly heard from nytimes article - probably spelled wrong. -Tom Kelly (Talk) 01:01, 5 February 2007 (CST)

Look at Labradoodle under Dog. These are F1 hybrids, explained there. They are not breeds in that they do not 'breed true'. They are a money making scheme and legitimate as a branch of animal husbandry, perhaps. Google Puppy Haven. Nancy Sculerati MD 01:13, 5 February 2007 (CST)

Notes on Fighting Dogs

Pitting one dog against another has been a sport in many countries at least since Ancient Roman times, when dogs took their place in the Coloseum. Certain breeds have been preferentially used for this sport, in the current century these include pitbulls,

References for the above rough draft: 1) Animals seized in dog-fight inquiry; Home News IN BRIEF, The Independent (London), January 15, 2007 Monday, Fourth Edition, HOME; Pg. 14, 65 words (pitbulls-England) 2)Law must act to ban the hell hounds, The News of the World (England), January 14, 2007 Sunday, BIG ISSUE; YOUR VIEW; LETTER, 276 words(pitbulls, Ireland) 3)World News - Dogs live a tough life in Afghanistan, Irish News, January 13, 2007 Saturday, Pg. 21, 42 words (Anatolian Shepherds/Livestock Gaurdian Dogs-Afghanistan) 4)A Brutal Sport Is Having Its Day Again in Russia, The New York Times, February 9, 2007 Friday, Late Edition - Final, Section A; Column 4; Foreign Desk; Pg. 1, 1601 words, By C. J. CHIVERS, MOSCOW, Feb. 8 (Russia-Live stock Gaurdian Dogs-"Wolf killers"

in 3-4 dogs are not injured but pulled apart by handlers and winners used as studs. arguably a reasonable form of testing for breeding stock. In 1-2, fight to death or severe wounds

Notes on Racing Dogs

Solihull News: MP backing dogs fight; CAMPAIGN: Moves to save retired greyhound racers, Birmingham Evening Mail, November 16, 2006, Thursday, Worcs Edition, NEWS; Pg. 36, 218 words, Neil Elkes (Up to ten thousand greyhounds retire from racing each year in the UK, many of which are believed to be destroyed because they are deemed to be of no further use. )

Wikipedia credit

A tiny part of the text appears to come from Wikipedia. What about some nice rewording to make clear that no WP-credit is needed? Here it goes:

  • This concept has caused controversy both because of the difficulty of regulation and because of the possible genetic consequences of a limited population (inbreeding).
  • Recent work has been done to genetically classify the various breeds, with some surprising results regarding the estimated age and interrelations of the breeds.
  • This is known as breeding true.
  • There are many issues concerning what is considered breeding true.
  • For example, Flat-Coated Retrievers must always be black; however, yellow coats occur occasionally in some litters.
  • See selective breeding for a detailed discussion on open versus closed stud books and some of the issues concerning purebreds.

--AlekStos 15:08, 28 March 2007 (CDT)

dog groups

Pasting material cut from this article to hold it.

To be placed at articles on herding dogs, and terriers, with a mention at dog group.

Livestock guardian dogs

These dogs have been used by people who depend on livestock for economic reasons to protect their domestic herd animals from predators. Such dogs do not herd animals but do defend them. Livestock Guardians are large and powerful enough to deter local predators, including human thieves and even, in some regions, wolves. Therefore these are generally massive and athletic dogs that are potentially very aggressive. Such breeds include the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

The problem of evaluating dog intelligence is raised by dogs bred to protect livestock in the field. Some of these animals are known to be extremely capable at thwarting attacks on their herds of sheep and other livestock, but rather reluctant to respond to human commands. In fact, the ability to act independantly is what makes such a dog an effective gaurdian, and arguably is a sign of intelligence. However, a more obediant dog or obeys commands instantly is liable to score higher on most of the standard means to evaluate the intelligence of dogs.


Terriers share a certain general body type and disposition. Many breeds of terrier (such as the Rat Terrier) originated as working dog dedicated to rodent patrol on farms and in rural households. Other terriers were bred for fighting.

Aleta Curry 19:21, 22 June 2007 (CDT)