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 Definition Poetry which expresses in intimate, and sometimes unflattering, information about details of the poet's personal life, such as in poems about illness, sexuality, and despondence. [d] [e]
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One of the great vices of Wikipedia is that articles on a given subject are expanded well beyond their initial conception. It seems to me that there might be some room here to expand this article (or write a different set of articles) on autobiographical information in poetry/literature (perhaps you might call it "autobiographical truthiness").

I bring this up because I had expected to find a completely different kind of article at this page-- an article about medieval literature where the narrative persona confesses their sins and shortcomings (in the Carmina Burana, e.g., and in the Pardoner's Tale in Chaucer). Just a thought, though...

Brian P. Long 04:03, 16 August 2009 (UTC)