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The term The Star Trek Film (or The Star Trek Movie) is one that will have different meanings over the generations.

For original Trekkies (Trekkers), (informal terms for fans of the Star Trek franchise, particular the original series), and the generations of fans immediately following, the term refers to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a 1979 film based on the original television series. This designation lasted for thirty years. Although subsequent Star Trek films were made (many being better received than the first one), these are usually referred to by number (or subtitle) to avoid confusion.

In 2009, another Star Trek motion picture was made, this time a prequel. Younger fans tend to refer to this movie as 'the Star Trek film'.

It will remain to be seen if this understanding becomes a lasting one, or if the title will ultimately be used exclusively for the 2009 film, or indeed a subsequent version, as the 2009 Star Trek presents an alternate reality storyline.

The Star Trek films, in order of production, are: