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A collection of audio clips relating to the topic of Spiel.
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Sheet music cover (1914)[1]

"The Sidewalks of New York" (1894)

For more information, see: The Sidewalks of New York.

1895 recording

1903 recording

  • Audio file (mp3)
  • Performer: Harry Macdonough (1871–1931)
  • Notes: Eclectic recording with little of the original song, including street scene sound design and dialog with multiple vocal and voice performers. The end of the recording features an actual hand organ.

1925 recording

  • Audio file (mp3)
  • Performer: Vernon Dalhart (1883–1948)
  • Notes: Recording of the complete song with solo vocals, piano, guitar, two violins plus harmonica and a woodwind instrument (tin whistle?) replacing the barrel organ.

1926 recording

  • Audio file (mp3)
  • Performer: The Shannon Four (originally: The Shannon Quartet)
  • Notes: Vocal ensemble (four singers) accompanied by piano (played by two pianists).

1927 recording

  • Audio file (mp3)
  • Performer: instrumental version by Walter C. Peterson
  • Notes: Amateur recording with harmonica and ukulele.



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