Sonya Balmores

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Sonya Balmores (born 1986 in Hawaii (U.S. state), USA) is an American actress and beauty pageant winner best known for her role as Kai Kealoha on The N's successful, surfing-oriented prime-time series Beyond the Break.


Sonya Balmores was born in Hawaii in 1986, the second daughter to a Filipino father and an Irish/American Indian mother named Malana. Miss Balmores, who first began modeling at age 13 [1], came to the public's attention in May 2004 when she was crowned Miss Hawaii Teen USA (she later was runner-up to Miss Louisana Shelley Hennig in the Miss Teen USA pageant). A year after enrolling in Hawaii Pacific University as a Communications major, Balmores won the role of Kai Kealoha on The N's popular surfing television show Beyond the Break. She credits her agent Cindy Kauanui of Jet Set Management Group Inc. with landing her the role, and continues to work as a model with the Kathy Muller Agency.