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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Sicherheitsdienst.
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  • Abwehr [r]: German military counterintelligence and external intelligence in World War II, eventually absorbed into the Nazi party security apparatus other than purely military support [e]
  • Einsatzgruppe [r]: Plural is Einsatzgruppen; Nazi mobile security, and then killing units, which accompanied Army units advancing into Austria, Poland and Russia; units on Russian Front carried out mass murder in Holocaust prior to the construction of extermination camps [e]
  • Gestapo [r]: The secret political police force of Nazi Germany, a state rather than party organization, reporting both to the SS (Party) and Ministry of the Interior (State) [e]
  • Tokubetsu Koto Keisatu [r]: Translated variously as "Special Higher Police" or "Thought Police", a civilian security organization of pre-1945 Japanese Naimusho (loosely translated "Home Ministry"), distinct from the military kempetai, Civilian Spy Service, or naval and military intelligence; focused on subversion, especially left-wing [e]