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  • Antibacterial [r]: Substance that destroys bacteria or suppresses their growth or reproduction. [e]
  • Bacteria [r]: A major group of single-celled microorganisms. [e]
  • Central venous catheterization [r]: Surgical procedure used for inserting a medical tube into one of the large veins of the body. [e]
  • Deep venous thrombosis [r]: The formation of a blood clot ("thrombus") in a deep vein. [e]
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplant [r]: Transplantation of blood stem cells derived from the bone marrow or blood, most often performed for people with diseases of the blood and cancer. [e]
  • Ignaz Semmelweis [r]: (1 July 1818 - 13 August 1865) Hungarian-born pioneer of antisepsis in obstetrics, and demonstrated that many cases of infection could be prevented. [e]
  • Peritonitis [r]: An inflammation of the peritoneum (the serous membrane which lines part of the abdominal cavity and some of the viscera it contains). [e]
  • Procalcitonin [r]: A precursor of the hormone calcitonin, which is involved with calcium homeostasis, and is produced by the C-cells of the thyroid gland. [e]
  • Septic shock [r]: Serious medical condition caused by decreased tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery as a result of infection and sepsis. [e]
  • Toxoplasma gondii [r]: Species of parasitic protozoa in the genus Toxoplasma, acts as a causative agent for toxoplasmosis, which can have serious or even fatal effects on a fetus whose mother first contracts the disease during pregnancy or on an immunocompromised human. [e]
  • Vibrio vulnificus [r]: Gram-negative, motile, curved, rod-shaped bacteria present in marine environments, capable of causing septicemia in individuals with an underlying chronic disease, as well as causing wound infections to persons who handle shellfish. [e]