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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Sculpture.
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Museums and showcases

Articles about Scultors in this wiki

  • Stub Constantin Brâncuşi: (1876-1957), Romanian sculptor known for his modernism and abstraction. [e]
  • Stub Eugene Daub: An award-winning American scultor (1942-?) known for statuary, busts in a classical style, and for medallic art and bas relief. [e]
  • Stub Jo Davidson: Renowned American sculptor (1883 – 1952) specializing in realistic human busts and statues, starting with clay and then cast in terra-cotta or bronze, or carved from marble. [e]
  • Stub Dimitrie Paciurea: (1873 - 1932), Romanian sculptor known for a representational and symbolic style. [e]

Sculptures in this wiki

  • Statue of Liberty [r]: A large (151 feet/46 meters) statue, representing Liberty deified, located at Liberty Island, New York City; a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. [e]
  • Walt Whitman statue/monument, 3100 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA (at entrance to I-76 for the Walt Whitman bridge)
  • Gertrude Stein life-size terra cotta sculpture of Gertrude Stein created in Paris in 1923, now in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Several bronze likenesses have been made, including one made in 1991 for Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York City.
  • Eugene Daub's bust of Claude Shannon which appears in at least six locations around the United States