Scream for Help (album)

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Scream for Help
Type Soundtrack album
Artist John Paul Jones
Release Date 22 March 1985
Recorded September 1984 at Sunday School Studio, Devon.
Mixed at Sunday School Studio, Devon.
Genre Hard rock, synth rock, rock
Language English
Length 39 minutes 31 seconds
Label Atlantic Records
Catalogue Atlantic 80190-1 (US), Atlantic 780190-1 (UK)
Producer John Paul Jones
Engineer Robin Clarke

Scream for Help is a soundtrack album by John Paul Jones, released by Atlantic Records on 22 March 1985, to accompany the film Scream for Help.


Following the Death Wish II album project, guitarist Jimmy Page was asked by his Berkshire neighbour, movie director Michael Winner, to record a soundtrack for the film Scream for Help in August 1984.[1] Due to other commitments by Page, he instead suggested to Winner that his former Led Zeppelin colleague John Paul Jones, who had just completed upgrading his 24-track digital recording studio at Devon, was best placed to write and record the soundtrack. In return, Jones asked Page to help record two tracks 'Crackback' and 'Spaghetti Junction'. 'Crackback' is reminiscent in composition to material on Led Zeppelin's In Through the Out Door (1979).

The musical score differs in style from the Death Wish pentalogy of films, with Winner requesting that a minimum 70 piece orchestra backing be used for the soundtrack in addition to Jones' rock arrangements. Besides Page, folk guitarist John Renbourn assists on guitar, and Yes singer Jon Anderson sessioned on vocals as well as Madeline Bell, for which Jones had previous produced, composed, recorded, and played all the instruments for her solo album Comin' Atcha in December 1973. Jones sings lead vocals on 'When You Fall in Love['. Jacinda Baldwin (aka Jacinda Jones), Jones' daughter is co-writer on two tracks. It was John Paul Jones' first full length album release since the break-up of Led Zeppelin.

The vinyl soundtrack had been unavailable in the US and UK for many years and was only obtainable on special import from Japan. The album has since been released on CD format in 2000 by WEA International. 'Here I Am' was recorded but left off the first-release vinyl soundtrack album. Co-writer on 'Here I Am' is Simon Bell, then backing singer for Madeline Bell before his more famous association with Dusty Springfield. It features as the A-side of the promo single, backed with 'Christie'. Released as a promotional single in the UK only.

Album information

Track listing:

  • Side 1:
  1. 'Spaghetti Junction' (John Paul Jones) – 5:01
  2. 'Bad Child' (John Paul Jones, Jacinda Baldwin) – 5:46
  3. 'Silver Train' (John Paul Jones, Jon Anderson) – 3:48
  4. 'Crackback' (John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page) – 4:16
  • Side 2:
  1. 'Chilli Sauce' (John Paul Jones) – 4:59
  2. 'Take It or Leave It' (John Paul Jones, Madeline Bell) – 4:28
  3. 'Christie' (John Paul Jones) – 3:08
  4. 'When You Fall in Love' (John Paul Jones, Jacinda Baldwin) – 3:36
  5. 'Here I Am' (John Paul Jones, Simon Bell) - 4:43

2000 Compact disc edition
Same track listing and order as the vinyl release.

Chart positions


Year Chart Position
1985 Billboard 200 (Pop albums)
1985 UK Albums Chart


Year Single Chart Position
1985 'Spaghetti Junction' Billboard Hot 100 (Pop Singles)
1985 'Silver Train' Billboard Hot 100 (Pop Singles)
1985 'Here I Am' UK Singles
  • Musicians:
    • John Paul Jones - keyboards, synthesizer, bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals, producer
    • Jimmy Page – electric guitar ('Spaghetti Junction' and 'Crackback')
    • Jon Anderson – vocals ('Silver Train' and 'Christie')
    • Madeline Bell - vocals ('Take It or Leave It' and 'Here I Am')
    • John Renbourn - acoustic guitar
    • Graham Ward - drums and percussion
    • Colin Green – backing vocals, guitar
    • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestra
    • The Johnny Pearson Studio Orchestra – orchestra
    • Howard Blake - conductor
    • Johnny Pearson - conductor
  • Production:
    • Robin Clarke – engineer, mixing


  1. Case, George (2007). Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man - An Unauthorized Biography. New York: Hal Leonard, 168. ISBN 1-4234-0407-1.