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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Scotland.
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Major cities

  • Edinburgh [r]: The capital of Scotland. [e]
  • Glasgow [r]: The largest city in Scotland, located on the River Clyde and a great shipbuilding centre during the Industrial Revolution; population about 581,000. [e]
  • Aberdeen [r]: A city (2011 pop. 222,793) and commercial port located on the North Sea in north-east Scotland. [e]
  • Dundee [r]: A seaport (est. 1995 pop. 168,000) situated on the Firth of Tay, an inlet of the North Sea, in Scotland. [e]
  • Inverness [r]: A educational and tourist center (est 1991 pop 63,000) located at the north end of the Great Glen on the River Ness in northwest Scotland; for a long time, the center of the Scots Highland region. [e]
  • Stirling [r]: A city (1991 pop. 28,000) located on the River Forth in south-central Scotland; one of the important historical cities of Scotland. [e]

Geological features

  • Highlands and Islands [r]: That part of present-day Scotland north and west of the Highland Boundary Fault, including the offshore islands. [e]
  • Southern uplands (Scotland) [r]: That part of present-day Scotland south and east of the Southern Boundary Fault. [e]
  • Central lowlands (Scotland) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Midland valley (Scotland) [r]: That area of Scotland which lies between the geologic features of the Highland Boundary Fault and the Southern Upland Fault. [e]
  • Grampian Mountains [r]: A mountain range in the Highlands of north-central Scotland whose southern edge forms the boundary between the Highlands and the Scottish lowlands. [e]
  • Cheviot Hills [r]: A range of hills spread along the border between Scotland and England. [e]
  • Great Glen [r]: A large fault valley in Scotland extending from Moray Firth to Inverness and containing a series of lochs within its extent, including Loch Ness. [e]
  • River Clyde [r]: One of Scotland's most important rivers, flowing from the Southern Uplands into the Atlantic; Glasgow is located along its course. [e]
  • River Forth [r]: A river in south central Scotland, flowing into the Firth of Forth and then the North Sea; Edinburgh is located along its course. [e]



  • Scottish English [r]: All varieties of English spoken in Scotland; may not include Scots where this is identified as a language in its own right. [e]
  • Scots language [r]: A West Germanic variety spoken in southern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland, which has been identified as either a separate language from English or (over-simplistically) a dialect of English, according to various cultural and linguistic perspectives; shares much with English due to a shared linguistic history, but has developed separately for many centuries. [e]
  • Scottish Gaelic language [r]: Add brief definition or description

Politics, government and leaders

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