Providence (Kepnes novel)

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Providence is Caroline Kepnes's third novel.[1] It has been described as romance-suspense-thriller, with supernatural aspects.[2][3] Multiple reviewers have explicitly characterized it as "strange".[4][5]

Kepness published the novel in 2018, four years after the publication of her dark first novel You. You was turned into a popular television and Netflix series, and her second novel was a sequel to it. Providence is unrelated to the first two novels.

The novel was published by a Lenny Books, an imprint of Random House, directed by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.[6][7]

Alison Flood, in a review published by The Guardian, wrote "Providence is compelling, and Kepnes provides a sometimes piercing insight into the small, strange, sad details that make up a life, though without quite achieving the deep, dark pleasures of You."[4] According to Cheryl Wassenaar, in a review in Cultures magazine, the novel is "a bit like Dexter meets, well, H.P. Lovecraft."[1]

In an interview on a Providence, Rhode Island television station Kepnes noted that she set the novel in Providence because she was familiar with the area, having been a student there.[8]


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