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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.
  • Stub Power (word): An English word over-loaded with meanings in several different domains of knowledge. [e]


  • Market power: The ability of a supplier to exercise a degree of choice concerning the pricing of a product by restricting its supply: a measure of departure from the ideal of perfect competition in which every supplier is a price-taker [e]



Types of electrical generation plants using coal

Types of electrical generation plants not using coal


Mathematics and statistics




  • Stub Power (physics): Rate of producing or consuming energy; SI unit: watt = joule/second. [e]


  • Stub Power (politics): The capacity to control the administration of resources within a society [e]
  • Balance of power: The policy of forming alliances in order to counter the military power of a dominant country. [e]
  • Occupying power: A formal legal concept from the Geneva Conventions, referring to nation-state(s) that have effective control of, and responsibility for, a conquered area [e]
  • Regional power: In international relations, a nation whose power is restricted primarily to its own geographic region. [e]
  • Power projection: The capability to deploy military forces, even if limited to air and special operations, on short notice over intercontinental ranges [e]
  • Developing Article Prerogative power: A legal doctrine that empowers a Head of State or government to act beyond the laws of a nation, when the supreme national interests of that nation are involved [e]
  • Social power: A social theory by French and Raven, postulates that there are six sources of social power: reward; coercion; legitimacy or normative power; referent (or organizational) power; expertise and information. [e]
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