Peterborough Lift Lock

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The Peterborough Lift Locks, on the Trent-Severn Canal, Ontario, Canada, partway through its cycle.

The Peterborough lift lock and Kirkfield lift lock, are two lift locks of the same design on the Trent-Severn canal in Ontario, Canada.

The locks were completed in 1904. They use twin counter-balanced caissons. The lock mechanisms is water-powered.

According to a city of Peterborough site the lock basins hold 1300 tons of water.[1]

According to an archives of Canada site, the basins hold 1542 tons.[2] The basins are 140 feet long, 33 feet wide and 9 feet 10 inches deep.

The vertical lift at the Peterborough lift lock is 20 metres. The vertical lift at the Kirkfield lift lock is 15 metres.