Paul McGann

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Paul McGann (born 14th November, 1959) is an English actor well-known for various roles in film and television. His first notable appearance was opposite Richard E. Grant and Richard Griffiths in Withnail and I (1986); this became a 'cult' favourite. He portrayed the eighth incarnation of 'the Doctor' in Doctor Who, a 1996 American-backed television movie that continued on from the 1963-1989 BBC television series, and has returned to the role several times in audio productions. In 2013, he appeared on-screen once more in a mini-episode of Doctor Who made available via the BBC website. He is also well-known as one of four siblings in the acting world: he appeared with his brothers Joe, Mark and Stephen in the 1995 production The Hanging Gale. McGann continues to be in demand as an actor and voiceover artist.