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Parent topics

  • Cryptanalysis [r]: The sub-field of cryptology which deals with breaking into existing codes and ciphers. [e]


  • Brute force attack [r]: An attempt to break a cipher by trying all possible keys; long enough keys make this impractical. [e]
  • Algebraic attack [r]: Attacking a cipher by writing equations that describe its operation, then solving for the key. [e]
  • Code book attack [r]: Attacking a block cipher by creating a code book, collecting plaintext/ciphertext pairs. [e]
  • Meet-in-the-middle attack [r]: An attack on a block cipher in which the attacker can calculate possible values of the same intermediate variable (the middle) in two independent ways, starting either from the input of the cipher (plaintext) or from the output ( ciphertext); he calculates some possible values each way and compares the results. [e]
  • Birthday attack [r]: An attack on a cryptographic system that works by finding two identical outputs from the system. [e]

Other related topics

  • Active attack [r]: An attack on a communications system in which the attacker creates, alters, replaces, re-routes or blocks messages; this contrasts with a passive attack in which he only reads them. [e]