Park Eun-Mi

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Park Eun-mi
Other names Evelyn Jeong
Born 1991
North Korea
Known for defecting from North Korea

Park Eun-mi is a defector from North Korea, known for offering her account of conditions in North Korea, the seven years it took her to safely escape from North Korea.[1]


Park is the older sister of prominent defector Park Yeon-mi.[2] Her sister has described believing, for years, her sister had perished while trying to defect.

Their father was a privileged member of the North Korean elite, who fell out of favor when they were children.[3] The sisters describe their father being taken away, and punished, for years. When he was allowed to return to his family, in 2007, he was ill, and encouraged his family to defect.

Her sister describes her father dying, in China, in 2008.[3]


Park fled a few days before her mother and sister.[2] She was just 16 years old.[3] During their own defection her sister and mother made inquiries with the people smugglers who got them out of North Korea. They were told she had died. They describe believing she was killed while trying to resist being sexually assaulted.

Park describes finding a restaurant owner who provided a place for her to live in China, but who exploited her.[1][4] She describes being coerced to work for the restaurant owner without pay, since he threatened he would report her to Chinese authorities, resulting in her deportation.

She describes slipping away from the restaurant owner, who she says paid underworld figures to pursue her.[1] She believes if they caught her, her life was at risk.[4]


Australian news show Dateline broadcast a segment profiling the surviving members of the Park family.[1][3] She told reporters that she still feels fear about talking about the details of her defection.


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