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PMID is an acronym for PubMed Identifier which is a unique number assigned to PubMed citations of health science academic journal articles that are indexed by PubMed. It is used similarly to the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for books. Writers in Citizendium can link to PubMed documents directly like this: PMID 12748199, which creates a hot link like this: PMID 12748199

As of 2005, there are roughly between 15-16 million numbers in use, starting from PMID 1, and about 1 million new numbers are added each year.

Usage of the PMID

At PubMed

Searching PubMed using the PMID

By using the PMID as a search argument at PubMed (, the relevant abstract will be displayed by PubMed.[1]

Example: to retrieve PMID 12748199 at PubMed:

Go to
Enter 12748199 in the search box.


  • The text 'PMID' itself should not be included in the search.
  • '[PMID]' or '[uid]' are the search field tags for the PMID in the PubMed search query.
  • To search in combination with other terms, one must enter the search field tag, e.g., smith [au] AND (10403340 [uid] OR vaccines [mh]).
  • Multiple PMIDs in one search will yield all abstracts (it is interpreted as an OR operation).

Creating links to articles at PubMed using the PMID

To link to the citation at PubMed with PMID 12748199, either of the following links can be inserted on a webpage:[2]

At Google

Frequently, searching Google with the PMID with retrieve the article. Adding the text 'PMID' may help. An example is entering 'PMID 971805' at Google which gives the following result:

At MediaWiki hosted resources like Citizendium and Google

MediaWiki software recognizes inline PMID codes for life sciences and biomedical articles and automatically creates a search link to PubMed. It is important when making a link to have only a space after "PMID" followed by the numbers; do not use the colon which is present in PubMed citations.


Correct: PMID 4957203
Incorrect: PMID:4957203
Incorrect: PubMed 4957203

The Diberri tool can help embed the PMID in a formal citation. See CZ:Citation_style. The automatic building of links is done by Biblio.php, an extension of the Mediawiki software.

At can be used to create links to PubMed citation.[3] An example using the citation with PMID 12748199 is:

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