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Osso buco accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and a strained, puréed sauce

Osso buco, or ossobuco in Italian, is a hearty, well-known dish of braised veal shanks in a rich tomato sauce that is served as the main course of a meal. Because it is generally associated with the area around Milan, it is frequently called Osso buco alla Milanese. In Milan's dialect, oss bus means "bone with a hole." Most recipes call for a last-minute addition of a gremolada (or gremolata), which is a chopped mixture of lemon peel, garlic, and parsley. An osso buco prepared without tomatoes can be called either Ossobuco in Bianco or Ossobuco in Gremolada. The principle ingredients for a typical osso buco are thick slices of veal shank, chopped onions, carrots, celery, and tomatoes, white wine, and seasonings such as lemon peel, thyme, and bay leaf. After the meat is browned by frying, it is added to the other ingredients and is then baked in a tightly sealed casserole until the veal is falling-apart tender. Most recipes call for the meat to served with the very thick vegetable sauce in which it has been stewed; to present a more elegant appearance, however, the sauce ingredients can first be either strained or puréed. The classic accompaniment to osso buco is risotto alla Milanese, a risotto often flavored with saffron.

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