Olivia de Berardinis

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Olivia de Berardinis or deBerardinis, (1948-), known professionally as "Olivia", is an American artist specializing in erotic art, principally pin-up art. Her work appears monthly in Playboy, for which Hugh Hefner writes the captions, and Olivia regards him as a a patron. She sees Enoch Boles, George Petty and Alberto Vargas as his inspirations with their pin-up work.

In 1975, she met her husband, Joel, with whom she formed a greeting card business, "O Cards", to publish her images. They also formed Ozone Productions, Ltd. for licensing her art. The couple married in 1979. Crediting him and his erotica collection with inspiration, she had a major show of new work at Erotics Gallery in New York City, starting in 1982 and giving 14 one-woman shows. Erotics Gallery also printed her art.

Her first publishing agreement with Robert Bane and Tamara Bane, and Robert Bane Publishing did over 200 limited editions. When the Tamara Bane Gallery opened in 1987, it was with a one-woman Olivia show. She ended the relationship with Bane in Olivia in 2003 and, as of in 2005, Olivia and Joel represented and published on their own, under the Ozone Productions name. Recently, she had the "Cheesecake Show" at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California in 2008, and a 2009 show at the WOW Gallery in Hollywood, California.


  • The School of Visual Arts, New York