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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Nuremberg Laws.
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  • Antisemitism [r]: In basic usage, hostility against, or persecution of, Jews, rather than ethnically Semitic people in general, or non-Semitic Jews [e]
  • Hjalmar Schacht [r]: First President of the Reichsbank during the rearmament of Germany, resigning in 1930, returning there and to the Ministry of the Economy in 1934, resigning all substantive posts by 1939 and being an opponent of Hermann Goering's economic policies; later imprisoned by the Nazis but tried and acquitted at the Nuremberg Trials [e]
  • Ministries Case (NMT) [r]: One of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals dealing with members of Nazi civilian ministries, accused of planning and implementing war crimes in Germany and occupied countries [e]